Shipping and return policies for S.A. Sanctuary

Shipping Info
Currently, we can only ship to contiguous United States, sorry for any inconvenience this may cause. We will try to address this issue in the near future.

Shipped via US Postal Service. Shipping insurance is offered and recommended. Duration is usually 7-15 days after payment is received. Shipments outside of the USA may take up to 8 (or more) weeks depending on how bad your Country's infrastructure / postal system is.
Return Policy
Returns are NOT accepted.
Each one of these products are made by a major manufacture with excellent quality, that prints/embroiders/duplicates/replicates MILLIONS of products yearly. These are NOT made in our basement by us. The garments are quality name brand manufacturers as well.

The pictures / mock-ups of the items are very accurate, and if the correct size / item is ordered, there should be no confusion or mix-ups.

With the exception of DVD and CD/MP3, our items are cloth that needs to be worn/washed, so returns are not accepted.